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Reputation/Brand Issues

Our typical clients need us to find hidden antangonist or material that is harming their reputation.  We have a full team that can handle any issue you may have.

Anti-Hacking & Forensics


The normal issues addressed here include breach of computers, networks, and phones.  Additionally, we are often called to perform device forensics to determine what actions others have taken.



Many high profile people, as well as the average professional, are finding themselves the target of high-tech stalkers.  Our team can rapidly help you gain the upper hand. 

CIS Investigative Services

As a leader in cyber & internet attack defense, CIS can help you gain the upper hand on your difficult problem.  Our experience, training, and skills are far beyond those of most local IT or private investigators when dealing with internet/cyber issues. 

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3,500 Help Requests Last Year

CIS has become the place where companies & individuals alike turn to when having problems on the internet or in the cyber world.

When you want the team that has "been there & done that", we are it.

Nationwide Coverage

Most clients tell us that they  cannot find experienced internet legal help in their area.  As an investigation + attorney team, we can help you in any part of the country and bring top caliber service to you.

How Does It Work & What Do You Do?

When you fill out the form above, it will be routed to our appropriate response team. 

We try to respond rapidly to all requests if of a serious nature. 


More than likely, one of our team members will email you with a few questions and potential costs.

If you are then potentially interested in our help, we provide contact information  for an initial consult.

Common Mistakes That We See

As a group that not only sees new cases but helps bail out cases handled by others that have gone badly, we can give you a few tips.

1.  Don't wait.  Contrary to popular belief, most problems don't go away on the internet but actually get worse.

2.  Experience matters.  Most IT, investigative, and legal professionals work and try very hard but unless they have handled 30 or more similar cases, they simply don't understand the complexities.

3.  Don't assume that your problem is impossible based on what you have read on the internet.  There is so much misinformation out there, you are better off KNOWING from real experts. 


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